A premier provider of passionate and enthusiastic solutions-oriented income and estate tax preparation services as well as general financial, target marketing and entrepreneurial hourly consulting services to individuals and emerging and established businesses in Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and the District of Columbia. Our ears are not just sympathetic; they are experienced, both personally and professionally. Unusual situations, performing arts and media-related industries are among our specialties.



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Do You Need a Business Plan? Let Us Network Your Idea Together!

David B. Robinson, CPA provides business plan consulting services to early-stage as well as established companies. We work with clients to prepare clear, concise, and compelling business plans that get results. Our team has developed plans resulting in start-up and expansion capital on behalf of our clients.

If you are searching for a seasoned CPA to become associated with your venture that has passion and experience, please take a closer look at our professional business planning services. Each service is 100% customized to your company’s needs and is completed on time, on budget and with first time quality.

You Want the Facilitator and Proponent of Your Business Plan to be...

  • Ready to help you form a team of professional advisors by making recommendations to you
  • Long-term relationship oriented
  • Well-established in the community with very conveniently located year- round office space
  • Experienced and well-known for quality service and passionate about success
  • Responsive to urgent needs
  • Able to stand behind budgets and agreed-upon fees
  • One who knows when to be aggressive, when to be conservative, but always goal-oriented
  • Someone who has actually done what he is advising
  • Licensed by the state
  • Someone you can depend on!
  • Willing to believe in your idea (but willing to give you honest answers)

David B. Robinson, CPA offers a variety of services to suit your needs in developing a business plan that is as unique and exceptional as your business:

Reading and Critique of Your Existing Business Plan: Is your business plan ready for the intense scrutiny of sophisticated bankers, investors, and lawyers? David B. Robinson, CPA can provide candid suggestions you need to instantly improve your existing business plan and your chances of impressing those in the investor community. Our rethinking and enhancing of your business plan is available for a fixed price of $950 and is completed within 10 business days. We will read your business plan cover-to-cover and offer specific section-by-section feedback to improve its organization, presentation, content, and appeal. We will pinpoint specific areas of strengths and weaknesses and include recommendations for improvement. We will use our experience to alert you to fatal flaws and missing thoughts which you cannot afford to miss. David B. Robinson, CPA approaches each business plan review from the perspective of a savvy investor or lender, empowering you with the blunt and honest feedback that includes a:

- Section-By-Section Critique
- List of questions that your business plan does not address, but should
- Suggestions and insights to help you anticipate a future reader’s questions
- Customized business plan outline that strengthens and organizes your entire plan
- Our passion and enthusiasm for improving business plans

Flexible Hourly Business Plan Consulting: Are you simply looking for some objective and unbiased business plan advice or for someone to "round out" your business plan? David B. Robinson, CPA offers companies the opportunity to utilize our services on an as needed, hourly basis. We customize our services to meet your specific needs to help you push your self-written plan out. These services are provided at $185 per hour, with a two hour minimum requirement.

Business Idea Investigation: David B. Robinson, CPA’s Business Idea Investigation provides clients with a 10-12 page document covering the most powerful highlights of a business concept or idea. This service:

- Helps entrepreneurs and business owners to qualify an idea, research an industry, consider risks and assess interest before preparing a completed business plan.

- Helps start-ups and early stage companies that lack depth and detail in their concept, so that they can begin aggressively speaking with investors, partners and management team members.

David B. Robinson, CPA’s Business Idea Investigation is completed in 10-15 business days and covers the key points of the business or business concept - including company/business model overview, market analysis, customer overview, competitive analysis, marketing strategies and management overview. This approach also relies upon the active involvement of the company’s principals to assist us in precisely defining the business idea and target market. This level of service requires a fee of $750 to $2000 depending on the complexity of the idea and level of advance preparation.

Facilitation of a Customized Business Plan: David B. Robinson, CPA assists clients in preparing professional business plans that help them achieve their stated funding and growth goals. Business objectives, business models and complex technologies are explained in clear, concise and compelling language and then packaged into a document that meets the expectations of professional investors. This service is necessary whether you are starting a new business, raising private equity, securing bank financing, preparing for rapid growth, merging or acquiring another company, or simply looking to impress potential strategic partners, management candidates or vendors.

The cost of this service is between $4,500 and up depending on your level of participation and the business. Our approach as the facilitator of the customized plan relies upon the active involvement of your company’s principals (management, boards, investors, etc.), including their consistent participation in high-level strategy and question/answer sessions, assumption-building exercises and the organizing-writing-editing process. This approach ensures that the final business plan properly presents your team’s agreed upon ideas and strategies for achieving business success.


  • Host of his own radio show, TheEntrepreneurs’ Hour

  • 1998 SBA Virginia Accountant Advocate of the Year

  • 1997 Inc. Magazine Marking Masters Award Finalist

  • Seasoned preparer of complex individual and corporate tax returns

  • Largest and oldest accounting firm in Midlothian, Virginia

  • Specialists in issues facing emerging and fast- growing businesses

  • Licensed by the State of Virginia

  • Recognized expert in start-up business

  • Published author and experienced public speaker

  • Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

  • Member of the Virginia Society of Certified Public Accountants

  • Experienced with the representation of individuals and businesses for audits conducted by the IRS and other governmental entities

  • Specialist in forensic accounting in individual and business situations

  • Board member of five local charities

Located in the Village of Midlothian’s Ivymont Manor House in Chesterfield County, Virginia, the Firm was founded by its principal, David B. Robinson, CPA in February 1990 as a sole proprietorship accounting and business consulting firm. David B. Robinson, a 1984 graduate of the University of Richmond, has five years Big-4 experience, one year’s experience as Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of one of the fastest growing computer consulting firms in America, as well as years as head of his own Firm. David has also owned and operated several other successful businesses, giving him the expertise to advise start-up entrepreneurs. The Firm of David B. Robinson, CPA is based upon passionately-dedicated client service. While other firms promise year-round service to their clients, this Firm delivers a unique "fire prevention" approach instead of waiting until it is too late and just "fire fighting." This Firm prides itself on always being ultra-sensitive to client needs. We are always reachable throughout the business day, evenings, weekends and holidays. The fact that this Firm is headed by an entrepreneur allows us to be very uniquely qualified to advise entrepreneurs. Our ears are not just sympathetic, they are experienced. We have been there before.


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